10 tips How to Write a Professional Resume that makes you resume stand out


10 tips How to Write a Professional Resume that makes you resume stand out

Are you sending out resumes, and not getting calls for interviews, or do you have to write and update your resume and don’t know where to start? Your resume is a marketing document and in today’s competitive job market, It needs to be exceptional. In this article, I’m going to give you my top tips, and strategies to power up your resume to help you land on the shortlist and succeed faster in achieving your ideal job.

I’ve seen thousands and thousands of resume, most of which are poorly written and without hesitation, I can say 95% of them end up in my recycle bin. For every 100 resumes I receive when recruiting, only a handful make it my a pile, which is where I choose shortlisted applicants from. Today, I’m going to tell you the three things never to have on your resume, and I’ll give you 10 of my top tips to help you get your resume to top of the pile. Stays till the end I’ll tell you haw get my resume tips cheat sheet absolutely free.

The first thing, I want you to understand when it comes to your resume is that your resume is a marketing document, not a legal document. Your resume is not just a record of your work history; it’s your number one tool to sell you to employers. What’s the purpose of your resume to get you an interview? There are no rules when it comes to resume writing, only techniques and strategies that tend to work more effectively than others. So, let’s start with the three things never to do your resume.

Never put an objective statement.

Never put an objective statement in your resume, they’re passé, and they’re self-serving and the resume is not created for you. Employers want to know why they should hire you? So, don’t tell them what you want? Tell them what you offer? Instead, include a profile summary, which I’ll talk about more in a minute.

Don’t put your contact information in a header or footer.

Don’t put your contact information in a header or footer, and don’t use graphics charts photos, images, text boxes or tables. Because, they can’t be read by ATS systems otherwise known as applicant tracking software, which is what most companies using nowadays. You want your resume to be crisp and easy to read by both ATS system and humans.

Don’t use an unprofessional complicated email address.

Don’t use an unprofessional complicated email address, when it comes to job search, first impressions count. If, you have an email address like fluffybunny69@gmail.com or partydudeoforever@hotmail.com or zqlmzmn4723@gmail.com then please do yourself a favor and create a new one for your job search. Ideally you want to create an email address using name, such as john.simth123@gmail.com or if you have a designation try john.smithcpa@gmail.com. Now, here my 10 top tip’s to power up your resume.

# 1 Your resume should be 2 pages.

Number one, your resume should never be more than two pages and unless you’re a student or you have less than three years of work experience, your resume should not only be on-page. When you utilize the other tips that I teach you here today, there’s no realistic way your resume can only one page and work effectively for you.

#2 The top third of page one is your prime real estate.

The top third to one half page of page one is the most important part of your resume, It’s what I call the above the fold section. You have approximately six second to grab the reader’s attention which is why you need an eye-catching layout a clearly defined employment target and an excellent profile summery. Just like a newspaper, the top half or above the fold section is what grabs the reader’s attention to want to purchase and read the newspaper, when being viewed on a computer screen, the top third to half of page one of your resume is what they’ll see first. This is your prime real estate section and should be a snapshot of the best you have to offer. You want it to include a header title profile summary and competencies or skill keywords.

A header title are your job target titles under your header title you want a profile summary, this is your value proposition, it’s concise. Three to five line keyword-rich summary of your background credential attributes and key strength.

Here are couples of examples of profile summaries

Results proven manager of regional shopping centers, provincial and federal government tenants, multimillion-dollar business operations, custom-builds and multi-property project lease portfolios, Impressive record of top performance in increasing asset value, maximizing occupancy rates (to 99%) and performing asset acquisition reviews valued at over $10 million. Creative in effectively capitalizing new and existing market opportunities while providing a superior, client service. Proven ability to analyze complex situations, and design practical solutions with strengths in planning, coordinating, and executing project timelines.

You’ll notice the summary is jam-packed with attributes job target titles competencies transferable skills and capabilities, and quantifiable accomplishments. Here is another simpler example.

Highly self-motivated and versatile Red Sealed Journeyman Chef with 12 years of experience in Health Authority industry skilled in large-scale meal preparation with a commitment to the highest quality of customer service, teamwork, safety, and professional pride strong communication and organization with ability to train supervise others and again.

Again you will see this covers attributes position target competencies and transferable skills and capabilities. Next, you want to include relevant core competencies or skill keywords that reflect your target job descriptions. You can lay them out with bullets in columns like shown in this example just don’t put them in a text box otherwise ATS systems may not be able to read them as you heard, I talk about earlier.

# 3 List relevant key accomplishments.

List relevant key accomplishments or achievements and bullet them either own or under each of your past jobs. If, you have at least two or three accomplishments per job achievements examples can like how you saved money streamlining the process, positively contributed to a team project or company. Your achievements should include things like actions or projects you performed or contributed to. Why did it matter? What made? What you did significant? What was the result or impact in other words? What difference did you make?

Hot tip, start your accomplishments with an action verb and use power word-based language to describe your achievement. Here are some examples developed a product inventory management process that increased retailer cash flow and increased sales by 10.4% to 9.2 million dollars. Development and led specific initiatives for a nationwide food bank drive in competition with 17 other national shopping centers, raised 68000 lbs of food resulting in second place. Awarded presidential award bell south’s most prestigious employee award for exceptional customer service, follow-up and high sales volume chosen one of five out of over 5,00,000 employees.

# 4 Focus on the last 10 to 20 years.

whether you’re using a chronological or functional format, focus on the last 10 to 20 years of your employment history or longer. If, it’s relevant, such as it contains transferable skills or pertinent industry experience.

# 5 Avoid leaving employment gaps.

Avoid leaving employment gaps, these leave too much open to the imagination and that can be a red flag to employers. If, you were self-employed list it if, you took a year off to travel then mention it.

# 6 List only relevant education and training.

List relevant education training and professional development don’t waste the interviewer’s time, listing irrelevant diplomas degrees, or courses that aren’t related to your current career path, and don’t put your education at the top of your resume. Create a section near the end of page two.

# 7 Spelling and grammar are important. Tense is not.

If, you’re using a functional or competency-based resume then mixed tense is expected. If, using a chronological style then-current job would be in the current tense, and past jobs would be in the past tense.

# 8 Your resume is a living document

Unless you have a very specific job in a very specific industry and you’re looking for exactly the same situation then it’s difficult to design a resume that will be fit 100% for every job you apply for. You will need to review every job posting, job description, and research every company you want to apply to. You want to ensure that you have appropriate keywords and culture language, incorporated into both your resume and cover letter that matches the tone of the company you’re applying to.

# 9 Layout & design.

You want your resume to have visual appeal and impact uses a clean layout with consistent formatting and a balance of white space.

# 10 Don’t include references.

Only provide a list of references to a potential employer when you’re asked during the hiring process. You also don’t list your references on your resume because if, you’re blocking uploading your resume to a public site which I don’t recommend. You are breaching the privacy laws in most countries. As a resume strategist, I consider resume writing to be an art and a science. You are not a one-size-fits-all and therefore your resume is not a one-size-fits-all.

You are a unique individual you have your own set of strengths attributes skills, interests, and passions your distinctive experience and background, and there’s no one just like you your resumes are the evidence that tells your unique story.

The tip I’ve given in this article general, and they don’t necessarily apply exactly the same way for everyone. Resume writing isn’t simple so, if you don’t want, to put in the same time and effort to properly design and build an outstanding keyword-rich ATS friendly targeted resume. That showcases your accomplishments your value, ideal fit, and your potential then do yourself a favor and hire a professional and reputable resume writer with proven experience and client success. Two or three days’ salary is a small yet valuable investment, and it could be the difference between you landing your next job faster or not at all.

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