BEST answers of Behavioral Interview question | How to answer tell me about a time

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BEST answers of Behavioral Interview question | How to answer tell me about a time

Have you ever been asked in an interview to tell me about a time you had to deal with the conflict at work, or tell me about they where compromising priorities on the job, and you had to figure out what went first well those are called behavioral interview questions? They are a favorite among recruiters and hiring managers, and they are not always the easiest to answer. If you haven’t given it some preparation so, today I’m going to show you the right way to answer behavioral questions. How to figure out what behavioral questions they’ll probably ask you, and make sure you stay till the end because I will give you my bonus tip on how to answer the secret question that is often hidden within behavioral questions.

So, first off what are behavioral questions so behavioral questions are any of those questions I can’t say more questions to guys. Any of those questions that start off with tell about a time when or describe a situation where they often lead to more conversational interviewing, and they are a chance for an interviewer to see your thought process behind why you did? What did you do? Behavioral questions are really hard to answer if, you haven’t given it. Some forethought but how do you know what behavioral questions they’ll ask you. Well, you need to look at the job description the questions are going to ask are most likely related to what is on that job description? When you apply for the position? So, hopefully, save go through the job description line by line and see what categories are listed. Does the ask for teamwork for managing multiple priorities, or multitasking for communication skills look at each of those categories? Find each of those categories, and now find story form, your past experiences line with each of those.

So, there is the right way to answer behavioral questions and fun facts one time. I spent 20 minutes take a second and take that in 20 minutes answering a behavioral question. Because, I didn’t know the right way to answer it, and I rambled and rambled trying to dig myself out of the hole to explain the situation so, don’t be me. Let me help you there is a great method called the star method that will help you answer these questions. Well, the star is an acronym, and it stands for situation task action result the star method is awesome because it helps you stay o track. So, you don’t ramble plus it will give clear and concise answers of the method.

You use and the transformation that happens from what you did so if somebody says tell me about a time when, and a certain experience. You’re going to give the situation and task of where that occurrence happened. What the situation was around it what the task was that you gave then. You’re going to give you the action you took on that to everyone they think to a lot of candidates, I should say they think this is the meat of it like “oh, this is the part of matters I took action” so, if it was dealing with conflict in a group and you had a group project you were working on or working on a team, and a job and somebody wasn’t pulling weight in the action.

You’re going to talk about what you did to help that person along, or how you went and talked to them, and figure it out how you could work together. People think that’s the most important part you need to talk about it please don’t forget the are the result this is the most important part you want to give. What happened so, let’s say it is that you had a conflict with someone and you went and talked to that eye man-made. Your case and trying to make them feel heard a lot of people will stop there, and I made them feel hurt. What did they say? Did they feel heard did they come to join the team again that they get their part of the work done. Have you worked successfully together ever since, let me know the result so, and from that meeting he and I had a great relationship from there on, and we’ve actually partnered on three more projects that is what shows change, and transformation.

So, you want to make sure you’re showing that result so, here’s another example. Let’s say they ask to tell us about a time you had to make a split-second decision you want to make a decision right att the moment you’ve. Prepared you saw it it’s set in the job description you must be able to make quick decisions or think on your feet so you were ready for this question. So, you’re going to give this situation, and the task sometimes days blur together situation task kind of goes to together so you could say well “ I was at my job at Panera and my manager had just stepped out on break and a women came up to the counter companioning that her food was ice cold and she brought it up to me and I saw there were even pieces of ice in it.” There were even pieces of ice in the salad it was just way too cold obviously no one could eat that so, normally that is something my manager would take care of. If, he were there I would have to go to him and say “ hey this woman had a cold salad can I refund her money but since he was on break I needed to think for myself and I decided you know what I’d rather take the heat from manager. If, I did the wrong thing and they can just take the money out of my paycheck. But, apologized to women I got a new order for her made sure salad was the right temperature and refunded her money and also gave her a coupon for next time because she was just so beyond upset” and so most people will stop there.

That was the situation the task and action but, now you’ve got to give the result. What did the manager say did they like what you did? What happened so doesn’t forget that result and what my manager came back I filled him in on the situation. And he said made the right call and actually complimented me on my skills to take initiative and make sure our customer was happy, and she actually has come back multiple times since. So, she seemed satisfied with the service, that’s it but, you didn’t practice the beforehand you could rambling a good long time giving way too much description in this story talking way too long about how you can know you did. So, as long as you focus on that situation task action result you should be good.

Bonus tip, time that one little piece of advice that will seal the deal for you on these questions ask for clarification. So, they ask you the whole long question tell me about a time when you had a deal with conflict on the job with another co-worker. So, you start talking start giving the situation in the task, and then stop, and say is this along the lines what you’re looking for they want to see that you are good with feedback and that you’re making sure you’re always on track with you’re doing. I have heard about this from multiple recruiters that they want you to ask this question they want to you to as for clarification. Even at the beginning if, you’re not sure if they want the question to go this way or this way ask for clarification say oh are you looking for something related more to this area of the job or this area job. If it’s a little ambiguous it’s okay to ask for clarification, and it actually can really impress the person you’re sitting across from.

So, to recap behavioral interview questions can be quite difficult to answer. If you haven’t prepared ahead of time but if you use that job description, and go through line by line you can figure out what they’re going to ask you, and then you can use the star method to take your stories and put them into clear and concise answers, and don’t forget you ask that question at the end is this what you were looking for or could I get some clarification on which direction. You’d like me to go with that and it’ll your awesome feedback skills in the process of giving great answers.

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