7 Cover Letter Mistakes and 5 Types of Cover letters

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7 Cover Letter Mistakes and 5 Types of Cover letters

Today, we’re going to talking about the seven cover letter mistakes, and the five types of cover letters. Yes, There’s a lot of conversations about, well is cover letters still needing, they are still needed just like a resume is still needed there’s still a conversation about that both documents are needed. So, a cover letter written in the personal pronouns takes you from today forward, and a resume takes you from today, backward. So, here the seven cover letter mistakes.

1. Failing to Personalize

So, many people send generic cover letters that’s terrible that’s going to crucify you. You need to customize that cover letter to that particular appointment that particular job, you need to do a little research and if, it’s on the advert you need to take some of the buzz words from their advert and put them in your cover letter, make sure it’s personalized.

2. Start with a Weak Paragraph

First impression count, we read from top to bottom, you need to seduce the reader instantly so, the first paragraph is very important in capturing that attention. You are selling yourself in this one-page document, don’t go to two pages.

3. Too long or too short

So, too long too short that’s number three keep it to one page but don’t just do half a page or third of a page fill that page but don’t go too.

4. Being generic

 You need to narrow down why they want to employ it? Why they should employ? So, give them some compelling reasons to pick up the phone and give you a call for the interview. Because, that’s what a resume and cover letter do, It doesn’t get you the job it gets you the interview so, don’t be generic be very narrow and give them some really seductive some compelling reasons why they should you a call.

5. Rehashing your resume

Don’t repeat verbatim everything that on your resume that’s cheating, and it’s not good. You need to reinvent the English language is so awesome that you can reinvent the earldom of the verbiage from your resume, and get refresh it and make it look even more compelling or just as compelling as your resume.

6. Underselling Your Skills

You each have multiple skills, so sell yourself you are on a sales pitch this is your sales proposal. Some people have difficulty; many people have difficulty in selling themselves this is your chance to your own horn. It can be tough especially if you are an introvert ironically sales and marketing professionals are the world’s worst at selling themselves.

7. Being humorous

Yeah, we all like human like to have fun, but this is a business proposition to keep your humor out of this document, and any other conversation. You had with a decision-maker if you want to win away, and there is a first impression count.

So as I said a little earlier on cover letters are written in the personal pronoun, and there are five different types of cover letters. I’m going to go through them I’m going to give you some examples of an advert.

1. An Advert

In an advert tell them you are the perfect candidate or if, you’re not quite the perfect candidate you are you have something missing out on what they’re looking for. Be open, be honest, and tell them that don’t have an MBA however, your MBA has been approved in the workplace or something. But, be open, be honest because skills right now in a good economy different in the bad economy, but in a good economy, we want to talent is just short so you need to be opened and honest in an advert and give them compelling reasons why they should pick up to the phone and give you a call.

2. The Recruiter

Now recruiter plays a huge role in your recruit but, you need to build a relationship with them, and you need to fortify those relationships, and you need to maintain those relationships. One thing an executive recruiter is looking for in a cover letter is, whether you’re willing to relocate, as a recruiter in Toronto recruiter in New York recruiter in London. I have wide geography they go to the country why they don’t normally go out of their country, but they normally stay within their country, but they haven’t wide geography. So, a recruiter in Toronto to be hiring in Halifax, it could be hiring in Vancouver, the recruiter in London could be hired in Manchester so, you need to tell them whether you’re willing to relocate and if, you’re not willing to relocate if there’s some idea of whether you’re willing to travel and if, you are willing to travel what percentile of that week’s 4dl winkle supposedly for the Air week. Would you’ve been willing to travel give them a rough percentile.

3. Direct Mail

So, this is to decision-maker you find that one of your targeted companies. You’ve unearthed and you want to go work for so, you find that decision-maker, that’s a direct mail cover letter that’s very specific asking them for a meet.

4. Networking

So, we all wear the network world you need to network so, somebody you meet at a network might introduce you to and somebody else so, you say, “Hello my name is ABC of ABC Company” has introduced me to you. He thinks I would be the ideal candidate at ABC Company or XYZ Company so networking is very important.

5. Pain

A pain cover letter even in good economists there are companies in paint. Companies hurting companies, needing your particular talent, especially if you’re in digital transformation, or you can elevate the stage of your department to a true business partner. So, there are companies in pain but, you need to have them over that pain, and that’s where your research using LinkedIn and various other tools that are available to us today. You can uncover companies hurting, and then you put a business case you’ll cover that it will be a pain cover letter will be a business case perhaps gives an example. In a previous company when you’ve resolved very similar issues and now, are anxious to resolve them so, cover letter takes you from today forwards written in the personal pronoun, and to your own halt tell the person what a great hire you will be.

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