You Need to AVOID 5 MISTAKES for HireVue Video Interview

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You Need to AVOID 5 MISTAKES for HireVue Video Interview

Imagine you just got a Hirevue video interview, you’re not used to them so, you’re a bit stressed but you give it your best, and start the interview. While doing the interview you feel good you answer the questions rightfully, and you make sure you are clear in explanation. Now, you click on submit button, and you relax, I think do it well you tell yourself but, a couple of days later you receive an email saying you were not taken, and you don’t understand why you thought you nailed the interview so, what happened. In this article I’ll show you five subtle mistakes to avoid in video interview so, that the situation. I just explained never happens to you, I’m sure you don’t want to miss an exciting opportunity at a job you really need simply because, weren’t able to avoid these easy mistakes. So, here’s what you have to do.

Mistake: #1 Lack of preparation

You probably want to jump right on your computer and start your video, and view but take a step back, and avoid the first mistakes many people make lack of preparation. You have to prepare for a video interview the same way you prepare for a real job interview. Hirevue interviews are usually structured you will have the same questions as all the other applicants, in the same order. Think about that for a second imagine you’re an HR professional watching over 50 videos of the same questions being asked in the same order. Who will you remember, the person with the most outstanding answers, and gestures to become that person record yourself on a computer or your phone answering popular questions. Such as tell me about yourself, or what is your salary expectation? This will give you the opportunity to evaluate how you will look like in video, and see how you can give better answers as well as get more comfortable in front of a camera. You can evaluate your gesture, your enthusiasm, and the way you answer questions. Show it to trust his friends they can give you valuable insight that can’t see yourself, and then make appropriate changes. When you feel ready can go on your desk or whatever place you choose to start your video interview.

Mistake: #2 Your surrounding

Make sure you avoid this second mistake of not controlling your surroundings, I mean look at the tie make sure the light doesn’t change because of the sun and the clouds by closing your curtains. If you live with people make sure you tell them your video interviewing so that they stop being loud, and check out your pets from your room so, that they don’t disturb your background I know it’s going to be hard. Now, you have yourself a winning set to film your video interview.

Mistake: #3 Check your tech

Before starting, make sure Hirevue app runs smoothly by avoiding the third, and most popular mistake the technology if, you’re using your phone to film yourself make sure you have the latest version of Hirevue app. If, you’re using your computer make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash you should have it if, you decide to use Google Chrome. Next, check your internet connection using websites like You should have a minimum of two megabytes per second for your download and upload if, you want the best result. If, you’re below that try moving closer to your router or simply ask people in the house to turn off their Wi-Fi for the duration of your interview. Also please make sure you plug your device The last thing you want is your computer or phone turning off right in the middle of your interview. Right perfect, you prepped now, you are in control of surroundings and you check your tech.

Mistake: #4 Not reading the instructions

Now, moment been waiting for open Hirevue app to start the interview any of you but, take it to slow make sure you avoid this fourth mistake not reading the instructions carefully. When you start Hirevue app, you should have a setup page where it gives you fast facts about the process as well as a quick tutorial. Make sure you read everything because, they will give you important information about the timing the different buttons, and more.

Next please do the practice questions they give you, too many people think they’re badass, and skip it just to get over the interview but, do it. It will give you a short impression of what your video will look like so, you can adjust maybe the light the background the audio, and also your body language. That’s’ your prep let’s go start the interview, you’ll have 30 seconds to think about the questions they showed you, and then you’ll have up to three minutes to answer. If you’re done entering before the time’s up, you can simply click in the stop button.

Mistake: #5 Don’t know how to finish

But, that’s where most candidates get it wrong avoid the last mistake not knowing to close your answer avoid saying things like, “uh yeah that’s it” or simply stressing out and trying to find a stop recording button awkwardly. My favorite technique is to relate your answer to the role then refer back to the question so, let’s say they ask you. What’s your greatest strength you could end by, “So, finally my planning abilities be my greatest strength and the strength that would be the most valuable here at this company for this role, you know what I mean”. You’re not done with your Hirevue video interview, where you were able to avoid those five popular mistakes so; hopefully, it will help you, get that job just after this interview.

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