8 Best 2020 Tips To ACE Your Video Interview

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8 Best 2020 Tips To ACE Your Video Interview

Under current circumstances most of us working from home and so, many people are still searching for a job the vast majority of hiring managers and recruiters are scheduling video interviews. So, it is now a good time to share a few video interview tips which are going to be helpful while acing your next video call.

1) Find the right spot for video interview,

So, let’s talk about the first video interview tip, first, you have prepared a spot where you’re going in giving an interview to your interviewer make sure when you finding right spot for your interview that seems to be clean and organized. If you planning to video interview from your at home, and if you have kids or dog at your home be assure in advance for that certain pried of the time nobody else should be disturbing you. If there is any who can take care of your kids or dog you can ask them for that certain pried.

2) Dressing appropriately

Tip number two, is all about dressing appropriately this tip has always been given for face-to-face interviews and you know exactly why for a video interview it is just as important. I’m only reminding you of this because, during all this time we’ve been at home, you have probably been opting for a relaxed outfit, in fact, I know many people that have been working wearing pajamas. But, this relaxed vibe needs to end before your video interview. The interview dress code should be respected something modest and business casual will be perfectly suitable for a video interview. You can also cheat a little bit dress from the waist up to make effort for a video call normally just show your face and shoulders so as long as you don’t stand up in the middle of the call you should be fine.

3) Practice a mock-up interview

Number three really practice a mock-up interview you know mock-up interviews can help you go through interview questions and answers. You can even record yourself to see how you’ve been doing and this way making it even more real while watching this recording. You could also analyze your responses see how convincing you sound practicing in a mock-up video interview will definitely calm your nerves and prepare you for the next steps. In the hiring process check out the card on the right side of your screen and practice once you finish watching this video practicing will also let you audio-video equipment review your background. I’d be more prepared if anything unexpected comes up.

4) Be natural

Number four is to be natural with your body language whether you are submitting a video or doing a live video interview, make you deliver the information in the most positive and confidant way. Smile often through the interview use hand gesture if that makes you feel more comfortable speaking with an upbeat and confidant voice make sure you look on the screen. Most of the time making eye contact with the person that is interviewing you is a bit complicated since you are watching this person on the screen at the same time, this should feel natural very similar to how you would speak to an interviewer in person.

5) Keep all the information you need in front of you

Number five keep all the information you need in front of you I won’t stop saying this do your homework learn about the company review the job description the skills you want to highlight in the interview. Take some notes in advance and you can keep all of this information right below the camera out of sight whether this information is about the role or about the responses to some interview questions. It’s going to be helpful anyway even knowing that you can always be looking down at any time and access this information is already going to make you feel more comfortable.

6) Check your equipment and settings

Number six check your equipment and settings before the video call test. All these technical aspects to make sure your webcam is working we’re all here is right and just in case clean the camera lens sometimes. It’s dusty without us even realizing it the camera should be pointing slightly above your eye level for the best audio use headphone this will ensure that your speech is clear on that laptop. Incorporated microphones tend to produce some echo which could easily ruin your video call, make sure that the lighting is good it should come from the front so that you are well lit and well-seen check. The Wi-Fi connection at your spot you need to make sure that everything is working before you log in, and start the interview.

7) Get ready about ten minutes early

Number seven gets ready about ten minutes early have everything you need for the interview of ready ten minutes before the interview starts mute your phone login to your Skype, Zoom, or whichever application you are using. You can then take a few minutes to relax quick positive thoughts meditation or some deep breathing will help you focus and ease your nerves.

8) Be prepared if anything goes wrong or awkward

Number eight is prepared if anything goes wrong or awkward if things go wrong or turn awkward don’t panic, if any technical issue occurs don’t try to justify yourself or play a blame game. Quickly look for solutions if you’re calling from Skype you should have zoom, Google Hangouts, or FaceTime ready to use them as alternatives if, that’s not working either you can always switch to a phone call. If your family number roommate or even your pet is being loud no matter how prepared you try to be don’t overreact or ignore it. Just apologize smile and ask if they could give you a minute to sort it out.

Overall be prepared exactly the same way as if you were in a face-to-face interview a video interview is an excellent opportunity for you to advance the recruitment processes. Is actually easier than a face-to-face interview because it’s flexible and it saves for both candidates and companies thanks to digital interviews even in pandemic time there are hardly any restrictions on continuing a job hunt and continuous recruitment thanks.