5 Reasons Why You Can’t Get Job Interviews phone calls

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5 Reasons Why You Can’t Get Job Interviews phone calls

You are applying online for jobs and not getting phone interview phone calls, here are the five reasons you have to work on it. What’s much more frustrating does not know why you’re not getting interview phone calls is? It because of your resume is it because of the skills your application who knows companies never sends you an email. That you’ve been rejected because your LinkedIn profile wasn’t good enough and it is your job to assess your job search strategy and see where the problem and this is where I come in this article. I’ll tell you five reasons why you might not getting those phone interviews and stay tuned because I’m pretty confident that you’re making at least three of those five errors. So, let’s dive in.

No career summary

Number one you don’t have a career summary section, I bet you haven’t thought of this one, and it’s normal because no one tells you to and this is the number one mistake my clients make when they come to me for resume services. But here’s why this section is so important? HR managers spend average six seconds reading your resume. Your only goal is to hook them so that they spend a little bit more time reading it so that they can call you an interview. How by including a career summary section it is the section where you include three to four bullet points to highlight all your accomplishments that are relevant to the job. You’re applying to, and there’s how you do it you find a job posting you go on the responsibilities requirements section. You take the first three requirements and you match them with three of your past accomplishments that answer those three requirements. As a fourth bullet, you can include some general information about you like the degree you just got. If relevant or any certification or courses that are relevant to the job and this way the person reading your resume will instantly see the value you bring and will want to know more aka call you.

Wrong format

You are sending your resume in the wrong format people actual human beings will not be able to read your resume. If the ETS algorithm rejects your resume as soon as you submit it, and the number one reason why ETS rejects your resume is simply because they can’t read it because people submit their resume in PDF format, and even if ats are getting better every year. They still struggle to read PDF resumes so go, and send it in a word format. So, now that you have the right tool go for it convert your PDF resume to word resume, and then submit it the only exception is when you send your resume, and your resume over email or on LinkedIn to a specific person then you can use PDF.

Resume too long

The third reason why you might not be getting interviews is simply because your resume might be too long. So, probably heard that your resume should be one page, and let me tell you it is not a rule that came from heaven. It’s simply because, in your first 10 years of career, chances are you didn’t accomplish a lot of things. Chances are you didn’t accomplish enough things to have more than one page of a resume. There are exceptions if you name Mark Zuckerberg, for example, but for all of you should aim to have a maxed one page, and here’s how you do it. Remove random part-time jobs you had in a high school working at McDonald’s for example, remove any volunteering has nothing to do with your target job, and remove similar experiences you had. For example, if you had two sales associate jobs, for example, and then you did the exact same thing at those two jobs just keep one. Remove the other included your most recent degree with any certification, or awards school projects where you learn something valuable to the job, and let’s say your two to three most recent jobs and talking about what to put inside your resume.

Resume not tailored

If it’s not tailored to the job you’re applying to that might be the fourth reason why you’re not getting phone calls? It’s great if you have the best resume ever. But chances are you have to best resume ever for one job, not two, not three, not forty-seven it just for one, and it’s because it’s rare to have two, jobs that have the exact same. Requirements in the same order, and that’s why you need to tailor your resume to every job. You’re applying to and it shouldn’t be that hard here’s how you do it read all requirements in a job posting evaluate the needs in order and evaluate what’s most important for this company. Easy way to do so is copy pest the posting a cloud and seeing what keyword are repeated the most If, technology customer experience and system implementation are the three main keywords make sure you have accomplishments related to that in your career summary, and inside your experience section. Rearrange the bullet points and your work experience to match the requirements of the company you’re applying to.

Online presence

Lastly, the saddest reason, in my opinion why you’re not getting interviews is that your online presence is detrimental to your job application. Have you ever tried to Google yourself? Just do it, and see what come up next according to the career builder 70 of employees will look you up online and not only on LinkedIn it. Includes Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as well.

Now it’s great if you have some pictures of you like partying and traveling HR managers want to see that you have a life outside of work, but, if all you post is you drinking well they’ll have the impression that. That’s all you do in your life even if it’s not true and first impressions are powerful if you’re if you read to my other article and so just clean your social media accounts just to make sure you have the best first impression possible. If, you want to your game and stand out you can create a website. So, that they read it first before getting to your social media accounts. Lastly ensure your LinkedIn profile is updated with complementary information adding more context and accomplishments to the resume you previously sent. So, I won’t go deep on how to make the perfect LinkedIn profile to network and land jobs using LinkedIn because, there’s a whole LinkedIn series coming up in my channel this month.