BEST 3 Questions to Ask at the End of a Job Interview


BEST 3 Questions to Ask at the End of a Job Interview

Okay so, you made it through the entire interview, and we get to the end the interviewer looks you and says, well this has been grate thank you for answering all of our questions, do you have any questions for us? The answer is always, yes. So, what should you ask today, we’ll talk about it?

So, lets talks about questions to ask at the end of interview now like I said in the intro, you always have questioned to do not say, “yeah, you know um everything’s good think I’m good to go thank you so much” asking questions show that you’re interested in the position you’re curious you want to know more about it. You want to have a good understanding of what it would be like, and don’t forget. You are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you so; here are three questions you can ask at the end of the interview.

1) What are the qualities of the person who has been most successful in this position in the past?

Here’s why is this question is helpful overall it’s going to give you a really good idea of what working for this person will be like. If they say the best person from this physician in the past was in early out up late, you know did everything they could to make sure that the job done ahead of time they were available all the time. You know what this manager is looking for and might be a bit of a micromanager or maybe don’t understand boundaries. Now it could also just work out that they say, you know we really liked that the person, who did this well in the past really managed their time will they were an excellent communicator even if things weren’t going great they weren’t afraid to just keep us on track, and let us know. This is where things are at then you kind of go okay I know what they want in somebody good, I know how to do well in this role this is a great question. Because it helps you really get a good sense of what it would be like to work in this role and to do well in the role, and then also to see what’s it really like working for this person you know. You need to read between the lines a little bit of what they’re saying but, depending on their answers it should give you a really good idea of you is the person for this job.

2) Who would I be working closely with in this position, and what would our relationship be?

So, the next question that’s really helpful, who would I be working closely with in this position, and what would our relationship be? This is a great one to ask if you’re on a panel. Now maybe they told you at the beginning, you know you’d be working with these people then you can adjust this question and direct it towards them like, “Hey, I would love to know what is that working really relationship look like”, but if you’re not sure if it were. “Hey I read a job description, and now I’m sitting down in front of somebody” feel free to ask like, “Hey, I would love to know who would I be working closely with and what’s that relationship?” This will help you get a feel of who the other people you’d be working with are but also like are there certain departments you’d be working closely with and even if they’re not in the interview. Now you know and you can go look those people up on linkedin kind of get a feel what it would be like but if it’s a panel oftentimes they will then pivot this question to the people. You’d be working closely with to kind of talk about that relationship and again you can need between the lines of dose this seem like somebody I’d enjoy working with or would this be hard I’ve done panel interview. Uh quite a few times and there have been one there where I’m sitting there kind of investigating like okay well I know I’d working with that person and based on what they’re saying I think we’d get along and that makes me more excited for this position so, it’s nice way to feel out can I see myself in this mix of people do I feel like I’d be a fit.

3) Based on our conversation is there anything leaving you hesitancy for considering me for the position

The question you have to be brave and ask is “Based on our conversation is there anything leaving you hesitancy for considering me for the position?.” Now I have changed this slightly if you notice I think before you notice I said, hiring me for the position depending on the situation that can be come off a bit too strong so that’s why say any hesitation in considering me for the position. Is his question scary? Yes, does it work a hundred percent of the time now but if you go look at the comment on that another article you’ll see it does a pretty bang-up job. Here’s why I love this question.

Number one it shows you can take feedback more and more and more hiring managers are now looking for people who can handle feedback you know it’s not all criticism. But they can take it when somebody says you know this is something you need to work on so, being able to hear the answer to this question, and not run from the room screaming already dose you a very strong solid.

Number two it gives you the chance to clarify anything what I have found from my thousands of interviews I have sat in you know there is often something that the interviewee says that make us go “ I kind they’d given a better answer or hmm they never really talked about their experiences in this area, and that’s kind of big part of this job.” But depending on the company policies they might not be able to press and ask for more so when you give this question at the end it gives them the chance to say. Yeah, actually there’s you know you didn’t really give us a good example of customer service, or you didn’t really tell us about a time. You’ve worked with this group, and you can clarify you can, you know give another example share something else you could be doing that would help them make a better decision.

Third, it gives you a chance to fight for it. Don’t take that too strong I don’t always love when people say the word fight but, it gives you chance to kind of make your case of why you’re a great candidate. So, they may something like, “hey, you’ve never had experience in this area and unfortunately we’re really looking for someone without experience well now that they brought it up. You can tell them why it’s such a great thing that you don’t have experience yet, you are a blank slate. They can train you however they want to train you, you’re not bringing in some old company policies, or we did it that way over at this company with you. Whatever the thing is you can make the argument of why you’re good for the position because you don’t have those other experiences. So, it gives you a chance to kind of make the argument of why that hesitation shouldn’t stop them from considering you, and then the other reason that I love this question is it’s going to you a very clear picture, very quickly as to whether or not you’re a strong candidate. They could have a hesitation that’s a huge thing, “like well this a sales position and you told us you’re extremely shy we need someone who’s not afraid to talk to anyone” okay you are still going to trying and fight for it and talk about how you’re going to overcome your shyness. But you’re going to know pretty quickly “well that’s a pretty big gap pretty big hurdle I’m probably not going to cross I’m probably not a good fit” or they’re going to say “you know it’s a little thing we’re just kind of concerned about this over here” and you can make your great argument as to why that shouldn’t leave them with hesitation. And no okay I think I have a pretty strong chance, or they could say, “no actually we have no hesitations in fact we have already can decide we will be moving you on the next round” great it just lets you know they do I need to be sitting at home waiting by the phone for that next call or do I need to be interviewing with other people networking more sending more job applications it gives you a really nice picture.

Now, I will say get questions all the time of the like when should you ask these questions? I recommend it being asked in the very last interview I normally ask this with the person that I know I’d be working directly for I don’t ask it to the panel I don’t need seven people’s opinions. I don’t ask it on a phone screen but I do know people have asked it on a phone screen, and it worked I do know people who asked it on the panel, and it worked. So, go with your gut is that it the right time to ask these questions, should the question be asked at all I think it’s an excellent question to ask obviously but you need to go with what’s best for you. So, know when it’s the right time to ask you discern if this is the bray interview if it’s not it’s okay there will be another one but I do really recommend asking this question at some point in the process.

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