How to write a Thank-You email and why it’s important?


How to write a Thank-You email and why it’s important?

“68% of hiring managers say thank you email after an interview matter in their decision-making process”

In this article, I’ll show exactly what to do right after your phone interview or the first round of interviews to ensure that you get to the next round and as you may have guessed from the title of this article, It’s sending a thank-you email after a phone interview. According to a recent HR survey, more than 75% of job seeker doesn’t send a thank-you email after an interview, and in this article, I’ll show you exactly why it’s hurting your applications but, also how to write one in a way that stands your application that part. So, make sure you stick around because at the end of this article I’ll share the exact template that I used more than a year ago to land more offers.

I’m currently an HR consultant helping you differentiate obligations to land more jobs that you deserve. The questions you may have is why should you send a thank-you email after an interview does, it really impacts the outcome of the interview, and does it really help you sign the offer at the end of the day, and I’ll answer you with three main reasons, and the first one is.

1) Gives you an opportunity to reiterate the points you made during the interview.

I think you know gives you an opportunity to reiterate points you made during your interview. The interview can be fast, and a lot can be said within a short timeframe and most likely recruiters will have five or six interviews per day. So, they have a lot of chances of forgetting what you just mentioned about your skills about why you’re a good fit for the role? , so I think your email can be a good opportunity to reiterate the points that you think are important for your application. Also, if, you forget anything during the interview, and much likely you will forget things because of stress because of many reasons. I think your email can give you another chance to mention those things

2) So few applicants send one that if you do, you will automatically stand out.

The second reason why you should send a thank-you email is, so few applications send thank you note that if you do someone you’ll automatically stand out. Like I said at the beginning of this article, 75% of people don’t send a thank-you email after an interview so if you do send one-two things will happen. Number one you will create a surprise effect because recruiters don’t even expect anything for you after the interview. So, if you send one, they will be pleased and surprised about your email. And number two, you will stand out because let’s say if, they have ten interviews if, you’re the only one or just two people send a thank you email they will most likely remember you more easily afterward.

3) By sending a thank-you email, you show your interviewer respect.

The last reason why you should a thank-you email is, by sending a thank-you email; you show your interviewer respect. So, I’m not a recruiter, okay, but according to many I know, your days are always full you have answer dozens of messages on LinkedIn, you have like 15 phone calls a day, you have to organize recruiting events so, your days can be exhausting. So, the 15 to 30, minutes that they give you to know more about your application, and what you can offer the company is precious so, acknowledge this time by saying thank you. In the book how you win friends and influence people Daylesford Nietzsche says, “One of the rules to make someone like you is making him feel important and do it sincerely” An acknowledgment is one of the most important ways of making the other person feel important, and if they feel important maybe you will be more likable, and that means that you’ll have higher chances of getting to the next round makes sense right.

If, think your email is so awesome like you say, why are 75% of people not sending one then? Good question, according to the psychology research done by Amit Kumar an assistant professor of marketing, and the University of Texas people, “chronically underestimate the power of expressing gratitude and over assume how awkward it will be which may keep them from engaging in this simple but, impactful practice” and this is the exact reason, I get from people who send a thank-you email after an interview. They just say that it doesn’t have any impact, and it’s just awkward so, my advice to you is to stop overcomplicating this thing.

Starts with the subject line don’t overthink it, I always write thank you and then the first name of the interviewer as simple as that. So, moving to the intro I usually thank the other person in the first line of the email saying something like “I just wanted to thank you for the time, you took to interview me [today or whatever today]” Then I like mentioning surprising or nice about the company or in a viewer preferably something that I just learned during the interview, for example, “It was great to know more about your unique background and about company A’s word culture. Your Friday parties seem like a lot of fun.” Next, the body of the email aka, the most important part the goal of this paragraph is to reiterate what was mentioned during the interview and remind the recruiter why your skills match the roles here’s an example, “Company [Name of company] is growing fast, and I’m excited to be a part of this growth, and challenge myself, bringing in, not only my enthusiasm but also my time management and organizational skills as well as the ability to encourage others who work cooperatively and step out of their comfort zone.”

So, you see how mentioned that the company is growing fast a piece of information I learned during the interview as well as I mentioned the skills I think would match the role. Finally, I thank them again, and hint that I’m waiting for an answer soon, “Thanks again [insert the interviewer’s name] and I hope to hear from you soon.” Sign your name and something a lot of people forget to add a link to your LinkedIn profile, and your website if, you have a portfolio or something relevant to show this will make you stand out and will give an opportunity to the recruiter to stay in touch with you. By the way, have you noticed anything we mentioned the recruiter’s name three times? During this email, and that’s how you use psychology to your advantage again Dale Carnegie says in his book. “A person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language you will instantly become more likable”

Also, I have mentioned that this email should e sent within 24 hours of your phone interview and make sure that you don’t have any grammatical mistakes this should be something that will help you get the next round, and not disqualify you If, they found out that you don’t know how to write read. Now, what if you send a thank-you email but you didn’t receive any news and several days or weeks have passed. You have to follow-up with the recruiter.

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